Prime Coder: Learn the Way of the .NET Ninjas

by Emad Ibrahim

Get more coding done in less time, with less effort. Build code that’s strong like bull, while leaving Python, Ruby, and other RAD developers in the dust. Learn the secrets of the .NET ninjas and advance your career with Prime Coder.

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Maximize .NET productivity.
Minimize rework.
Brandish ninja superpowers.
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Here’s just some of what you’ll learn in Prime Coder, grasshopper:

Workstation Setup Secrets


Tune your physical work environment to boost productivity and beat repetitive stress injuries.

Timesaving Templates


Why reinvent the wheel? Learn how to dramatically cut development time and errors with templates.

Brain/Body Maintenance


The best code comes from well-maintained wetware. Get the secrets to staying fit and smart without spending hours in the gym.

Focus Fundamentals


Distractions keeping you from reaching your true potential? Stomp them and kick them to the curb, leaving only what matters.

GTD Guidance


Get things done. Superfast. Learn and apply a GTD workflow and toolkit customized for .NET developers.

.NET IDE Extensions


Cut through the noise & learn how to use a few key .NET IDE extensions to write, debug, and get your code out the door quicker than ever.

Shortcut Shortlist


Don’t have time to learn a bunch of shortcuts? Discover the shortcut greatest hits collection and take your productivity to ninja Nirvana.



How strong is your macro kung fu? Bust out the best macros for .NET developers and make other RAD developers cry like babies.

Code Refactoring and Reuse


Build a library of reusable code, cut maintenance time, and pave the way for easier extensibility with code refactoring and reuse advice.

And that’s just the start!

Get Prime Coder today and learn all the secrets of the .NET ninjas!

Prime Coder eBook Preview

  • Chapter 01:

    Get the Setup Design and deploy a workspace optimized for coding productivity.

  • Chapter 02:

    Arm Yourself with Utilities Install the coding support tools you need and get them working for you like a bunch of monkey butlers.

  • Chapter 03:

    Deploy Your Development Productivity Suite Perfect your Visual Studio .NET workflow with nine critical upgrades.

  • Chapter 04:

    Achieve Email Zen Clear your inbox (and your mind) with these tips and tools.

  • Chapter 05:

    Grok GTD Get more done in less time than ever (and get it done better) with a GTD workflow optimized for .NET devs.

  • Chapter 06:

    Master Focus Learn to max out your points in the one skill that’s the foundation for productivity.

  • Chapter 07:

    Browse Better Spend less time in your browser and more in your IDE with these ideas and tools.

  • Chapter 08:

    Stay Ahead of the Curve Learn to learn faster and retain more with these resources.

  • Chapter 09:

    Stop Wrestling with Windows Turn your OS from frenemy to ally with these tips and tricks.

  • Chapter 10:

    Take Care of the Temple Building better code means building a better body.

  • Chapter 11:

    Cross-train Your Brain Learn how your code can benefit from a balanced approach to lifelong mental fitness. Bonus Chapter!!!

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  2. Breevy
  3. Mindjet Mind Mapping
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A Killer Web App Starter Template

This starter template takes care of the routine setup and plumbing that go into almost every website so you can focus on the part that matters. With this template, you can get a new business idea out the door and in front of an audience fast – and iterate even faster! Whether you’re a Web developer, and entrepreneur, or a wantrepreneur, you’ll save tons of time and eliminate common, frustrating errors with tested code that handles:

  1. User management: login, signup, password reset, forgotten password, email verification, beta invitation code
  2. Email integration: Sendgrid integration, email templates
  3. Payment management: Stripe integration for payment processing, product selling, subscription selling, promo codes, and more
  4. Analytics: integration with KISSmetrics - to track and measure all important events (login, signup, view plan, subscribe, etc.)
  5. Affiliate management: affiliate sign up, login, stats, payment
  6. Admin site: a kick-ass admin control panel that makes it easy to ban users, send invitation codes, setup coupons, products, plans, email users, etc.
  7. And a lot more

About the Author

Emad Ibrahim

Emad Ibrahim is a software engineer, entrepreneur, and productivity super ninja. Author of ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Test Driven Development for Wiley/Wrox, Emad founded Yonkly, a subscription-based microblogging platform, he is also a sought-after hired gun for companies looking to empower their .NET workforces with tools, techniques, and philosophies to help them code faster, better, and more profitably. In his spare time Emad codes, builds businesses, writes books, and constantly looks for better and faster ways to do everything.